Turning the Past is what I call the process of undoing the imbalance caused by the cumulative effects of our present and past life events. My approach also includes the effects of our ancestors’ past health and life historical events. Just as your family medical history reveals a predisposition to heart disease or diabetes, so to does your family history reveal itself in your current day to day life. As we live our lives, the cause and effect of living triggers a percentage of your ancestral predispositions. This series of past/present/ancestral events will be unique to you alone. This is normal and present in everybody.

New Beginnings is a recovery process, which recovers your current past/present life events first, and then later recovers your inherited ancestral predispositions. All of this takes time; time to regain lost balance, time to create efficiencies of energy, and time to let that new energy carry out further healing. New Beginnings is a recovery process, which begins with identifying and working on the effects of your most current life events first, and working backwards, through time, to uncover and restore balance that has been lost through earlier life events and environments. As the treatment proceeds, the remedy will continue to peel back the effects of unbalancing events and environments, even recovering imbalance caused by your inherited ancestral predispositions.

Each one of us has our own unique pathway* in health, created by the cause and effect of each of our life’s past and present events, as well as our hereditary predispositions. These hereditary predispositions are usually survival mechanism that were established and inherited by our ancestors. These can be both physical and cultural, and they can dictate the consequences of our past situations and afflict out present and future health situations. Reversing these ‘cause and effect’ mechanisms is not something that happens naturally on its own, as we do tend to adapt to our present circumstances and environment, and just carry on, through pain and illness. However, once you can see that your pathway* in health is not in balance, a situation that can be ongoing for decades, then it is possible to move backwards through time, investigating and confronting those imbalances, allowing the body and mind to reset. As your body and mind learn once again to recognize what balance feels like, both your body and mind will be able to adapt to the new sources of energy it is creating. According to your own unique disposition, you will create a momentum of energy that allows the body and mind to address even more imbalance. Often, we are so used to the cause and effect of life that uses up our energies that we just react to what is immediately in front of us. The use of my Health Recovery homeopathic remedies pushes back against those entrenched imbalances, using that push to recover energy and free it up to use for even further healing. As Health Recovery progresses, it becomes cumulative, creating efficiencies that allow you to function at your best possible level, making you stronger and healthier.


I would like to share some of my personal past events is to illustrate to you how each of us has events that can affect the course of our health. The events do not have to be physical in nature; for example shock, fear and anger are normal events that change how we think and react. This in turn changes how our physical body or pathways* react. All of this is absolutely normal.

Turning the Past:

My presenting life events – I was diagnosed with asthma and associated lung conditions at the age of 3 years. I endured severe anaphylactic events, four decades of traditional medical treatments, a life or death determination event at the age of 19, three personal injury car accidents, I survived a fall off a cliff, the shock of a knife point robbery, the shock of being held at gun point, and also a divorce.

My inherited ancestral predispositions included digestive disorders (colitis and diabetes), circulatory disorders (blood pressure and heart ailments), respiratory disorders (asthma), all of which related to my personal past/present health.

Into New Beginnings:

I began as a patient first. Through Homeopathic medicine, I have personally been given a new beginning. I now live without Asthma, Bronchitis and Pneumonia. I no longer have to endure hospitalization due to anaphylactic situations, and am no longer dependent on pharmaceutical medicines. Through the Health Recovery homeopathic process, which has taken years, I have experienced recovery from a dysfunctional digestive system. I no longer experience rapid heart beats at night, which created chronic fatigue from broken sleep. The ongoing fatigue, which I experienced as internal anger and anxiety, is now in the past. I have even recovered the fear of not using my traditional medication. I therefore know from my own personal experience not only how you feel, both physically and emotionally, about your longstanding medical issues, but I also know how you will feel as you progress through your health recovery treatment. I listen closely to what you share, I hear what you share, and i support you through all the stages of the Health Recovery protocol.

I personally understand health recovery, which makes me an ideal homeopathic health recovery practitioner. Becoming a Homeopath has allowed me to replicate the results I have experienced, and I have been successfully treating others since 2006. You will not be the first to experience homeopath health recovery, as many are achieving better health over time. Once you recover your past/present health, (asthma, anaphylactic events, fear, anger, shock and associated pathways*), you will be able to recover your inherited ancestral predispositions such as digestive disorders (colitis and diabetes), circulatory disorder (blood pressure and heart ailments) and mental and emotional issues.