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Dennis Chadbourne - Registered Homeopath

Turning the past is based on our past/present life events and our ancestors past health life/historical events. As we live our life, cause and effect of living will trigger a percentage of your ancestral predisposition, this series of past/present/ancestral events will be unique to you. This is normal.

The new beginnings is the recovery process, which recovers the past/present life events first and later recovers  your inherited ancestral predispositions. All of this takes time. This is not normal.

Each one of us, has our own pathway* in health, the cause and effect of life past/present events (normal) and the hereditary predisposition inherited/established by our ancestors (normal), which dictates our past/present situation(s) and future health situations (normal). Reversing your pathway* in health is not normal, once recovered will be normal.

Dennis Chadbourne was the first to experience my homeopathic solution and to benefit from it. Successfully treating others since 2006.


 My Homeopathic Past and New Beginnings

Turning the Past: Present life events – Diagnosed with asthma and associated lung conditions at age of 3 years. Endured severe anaphylactic events, four decades of medical treatments, life or death determination event at age of 19, three personal injury car accidents, surviving a fall off of a cliff, shock of knife point robbery, shock of held at gun point, and then divorce.

My inherited ancestral predispositions: digestive disorders (colitis and diabetes), circulatory disorder (blood pressure and heart ailments), respiratory disorders (asthma) all related to my personal past/present health. My point in sharing some of my personal past events is to illustrate to you, how each of us has events that can affect the course of our health. The events do not have to be physical in nature, for example shock, fear and anger are normal events that change how we think and react. This in turn changes how our physical body or pathways react. Normal.

Into New Beginnings: I was a patient first, through Homeopathic medicine, I have personally been given a new beginning. I now am without Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia and hospitalization due to anaphylactic situations and my dependency on pharmaceutical medicine. Through this process, I have experienced recovery of my digestive system, rapid heart beat at night, which created fatigue from broken sleep, fatigue allowed me to feel my internal anger and anxiety. Even the fear of not using my medication was overcome.

I personally understand homeopathic health recovery, which makes me an ideal homeopathic health recovery practitioner. Becoming a Homeopath has allowed duplicating the results and successfully treating others since 2006. You will not be the first to experience homeopath health recovery, as many are achieving better health over time. Once you recover your past/present health, (asthma, anaphylactic events, fear, anger, shock and associated pathways), you will be able to recover your inherited ancestral predispositions such as digestive disorders (colitis and diabetes), circulatory disorder (blood pressure and heart ailments) and mental and emotional issues.

Business and Educational History

CURE ME Protocol Health Recovery
Incorporated 2005 to 2015

Chadbourne Homeopathics
2015 to present – Regulated Homeopath with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario under the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care

Graduated Diploma of Homeopathic Medicine 2006 – Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine

Elected to the Board of Directors of the Ontario Homeopathic Association – 2007 to present

Ontario Homeopathic Regulation and Canadian Homeopathic Relations – 2007 to present

Canadian Homeopathic Conference – Organizing Committee – 2010 to present

President of One Parent Families Association – Toronto Chapter – 2012 to present

Partnership with (HTSF) Homéopaths de Terre Sans Frontières – 2014 to present

Developed Homeopathic Public Training First Aid Kit (FRAK Pak or First Responders Aid Kit Pak) – 2014 to present

Regulated Homeopath with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario under the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care – 2015 to present